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The « Security Game » solution to help raise employee cybersecurity awareness was conceived following discussions with several HR and Security managers of companies in the Geneva region. Although many of these firms already organise sessions to make their staff more sensitive to these issues, the effectiveness of such initiatives is rather low. Mostly because the subject matter by itself is of little interest to most people. This concern was at the heart of our idea to help raise cybersecurity issue awareness using a serious game.

Security Game is based on a scenario engine which required several months to design and develop. This approach no only allowed us to effectively manage the scenario we had elaborated for this game, but also makes it much easier to adapt the solution to specific client requirements (such as specific security risks to be covered in the game or even the development of an entirely new company-specific game scenario). This highly flexible approach makes customisation not only possible for our clients, but highly desirable.


the game with a few pictures


of the game


Game both in French and English, based on an easy to customise scenario, with 45 scenes and close to 100 cybersecurity issues covered.


Entertaining approach to the theme, with several progressive difficulty levels, immediate player feedback and detailed game statistics for HR teams.


The game runs as a desktop solution on a PC or Mac and in mobile mode (e.g. iPad). The game can be hosted externally or installed on the clients’ servers.


Client-specific versions of the game can easily be produced (client specific graphics and/or scenario, specific security issues to manage, specific messaging).


Purchasing model based on per-user or unlimited licences. Ability to acquire the solution with a single payment or over time (budgetary requirements linked to client needs).